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We’re back! Join us here at VTG as we read ALL THREE PLAYS in Kevin Mullins’ A SOUTHERN VICTORY TRILOGY over three successive weeks in March:

Part I: Tuesday, March 10th
Part II: Tuesday, March 17th
Part III:  Monday, March 23rd.

The readings will be presented upstairs at Trident Booksellers & Cafe (338 Newbury St, Boston, 7pm). Enjoy food and drinks as we read through this exciting and ambitious new work! The playwright will be in attendance all three nights and will be answering questions and participating in discussion after each reading. Engage yourself in the process of creating bold, fresh art!

Featuring an amazingly talented cast of performers including Kevin Paquette, Brion Rock, Cassandra Meyer, Sarah Gazdowicz, Noah Tobin, Alicia Greene, Kyla Gineitis, and more!

About the play:

A Southern Victory:  An Alternate History trilogy
Set in an alternative version of American History — one where the South has won civil war– the three plays follow Thomas Williams, a young Confederate student, as he attends Harvard in 1922. The trilogy follows Thomas as he makes his way in a new country, and slowly gets sucked into the rebel underground of the abolitionist movement. In this world, escaped slaves mix with flappers in Northern speakeasies, Confederate and German agents forge an alliance to thwart The League of Nations, and abolitionists sell bootlegged hooch to fund their underground war.
At present, the fringe elements of the abolitionist movement have adopted more extreme counter-slavery tactics: young men from the North are infiltrating the South, blowing themselves up in debutante balls, on streetcars, and in picture houses. Panic grips most confederate cities, and some wonder if a new war between the States is soon at hand.  As Thomas questions everything he has held dear, we watch as he is forced to choose between becoming a traitor to his country or a martyr to the cause of freedom.

As with all VTG readings, admission is FREE, although donations are welcomed to help us continue to hold events like this and bring exciting, new voices to Boston audiences.

So, arrive early, grab a drink and a bite to eat in Trident’s cafe, and support small theatre!


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Hello, and welcome to the future!

(Or, 2015. The same thing, really.)

We here at VTG are brewing up some amazing work this year, and we’re just about bursting at the seams to let you know all about it! When the information and announcements come tumbling out, you’ll be sure to find them right here. In the meantime, feel free to reminisce about Vagabond adventures gone by and click around the site!

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We’ll be seeing you all soon.

– The VTG Team

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