Welcome Ryan Edlinger and David Max Gibbons

It’s our 3rd birthday! Yes, we’re this many:

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve grown from three people blindly applying for a slot at the BCA to a fully-functioning eight-person company.

What’s that you say? You checked our website yesterday and there were only six staff members? Well, yes, that may have been true as of yesterday, but today we announce that we have acquired two new staff members! Both assume titles of “Member at Large” and have worked on multiple Vagabond productions before joining the company and assuming a larger role.

So without further ado, I present to you our two new staff: Ryan Edlinger and David Max Gibbons

Ryan Edlinger

Ryan joined VTG out of sheer enthusiasm for working with cool, talented people after acting in the 2011 production of The Unfortunate Cutthroats (he has also read for multiple There Will Be Words events). Ryan studied Theatre at Salem State University, where he received his BFA in Acting in 2009 and has performed in several productions in Boston and New England both with and outside of VTG. When his time isn’t being devoured by theatrical endeavors, he likes to indulge in all things geek – whether that be video games, board games, comics, television, movies, wasting time on the internet, or whatever other nerdy thing catches his fancy at the time. He also appreciates good coffee and good beer, and hopes to add good wine to his beverage tasting repertoire in the future.

David Max Gibbons

David Max “Mad Dog” Gibbons was blessed with his name after a lame and uninteresting misunderstanding. He started with Vagabond doing unofficial consulting during the 2010 production of Burning the Barn and became Assistant Director for The Unfortunate Cutthroats the following year. Being “not a theatre person,” David’s experience as a film maker and story writer gives him a unique input on Vagabond’s projects and future endeavors. David works at a small startup company called Google. You’ve probably never heard of it. David has experience in red carpet and magazine photography, film editing, celebrity interviewing, and a fashion show coordination in the big apple – a real jack of all trades. David ran Agganis Arena’s facilities and operations crew from 2006-2012, worked for Bill Kenny Productions in and around Boston, and studied cartooning under a Disney Animator. He graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a BS in film, but still claims he never left New York. He has a New York attitude, a taste for whiskey, and has a crippling addiction to model trains.


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