There Will Be Words – We’re Reading Like Woah

Heya, sportsfans – Happy Monday! We closed submissions at 9 PM last Friday and have spent the weekend furiously reading the last rush of scripts for our Spring There Will Be Words event (*cough* Thursday, May 17 at 7:00 PM *cough*). We’ll have an announcement for you by next Friday about what play will be featured while you relax and enjoy a night at Trident Booksellers & Cafe.

If you’re curious how we deal with all of the awesome submissions that come our way–and I know you all are–here’s how we make our decision:

We divide the submissions up among our staff and at least one staff member reads each script. After careful consideration and thought, we write a summary of the script that goes into an online folder that we all share. This way, we can all keep tabs on the fantastic work coming our way. Technology!

Here’s the tough part: we receive so many incredible scripts that would be perfect for us, but we can’t possibly choose them all.

Staff members advocate for the scripts that they think will work best for TWBW, and Literary Manager, Zach Winston and I make sure to read all of the favorites, if we haven’t done so already. In addition to discussing the script’s potential life with VTG and how it fits with the Vagabond style, we also take a look at the real-life logistics of the piece–length, cast size, and if we can do a few short plays or read one full-length.

Usually, at this point, the rest of the staff takes a stab at reading the “finalists”. This is where the spirited debate comes into play. Let me tell you, I work with some very opinionated people.

And with that, we finally choose our next There Will Be Words piece.

When we’ve made our final decision after careful deliberation, we make sure to write response emails to everyone who submitted scripts to us. This whole event is about allowing playwrights to get feedback on their work, and the artistic process doesn’t stop at our decision. Even if we don’t end up performing a script, we still want to give a response in hopes that it will be helpful for the playwrights and their journey with the work.

As I said before, we’ll have a play chosen by Friday because everyone here at Vagabond is reading like woah. It really is inspiring how many awesome New England playwrights we found through this process and I am extraordinarily intrigued to meet you all! (…on Thursday, May 17 at 7:00 PM. Trident Booksellers & Cafe. Coffee. Beer. Collaboration. Theatre.)

Stay golden, everyone.


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