Improv Boston’s Geek Week was wonderfully nerdy!

We just want to give Improv Boston a shoutout and thank the folks over there for having us at Geek Week on Sunday, April 29! We had a fantastic time onstage and off (we saw a few other shows while were there) and it gave us a chance to bring True Believers to a new audience. We hope that all who attended take advantage of the special discount code we offered our audience and Geek Week participants and come see the full show this summer!

We were able to bring some of our headpiece prototypes in front of an audience like a Steampunk Jesus crown: Makeup Artist, Katie Richmond wearing the Steampunk Jesus Crown
And a makeshift cylon helmet:

Makeshift Cylon HelmetAnd of course The Cyborg Head of Stan Lee was there in his full glory (or partial glory, he needs some more work before the full production!):

So stay tuned, True Believers, for more updates! Now with Geek Week over, we’re concentrating on There Will Be Words on Thursday, May 17 where we’ll be reading Meron Langsner’s new play, Burning Up the Dictionary, so stand by!


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