AUDITIONS! For True Believers

We will be holding auditions for the world premiere of True Believers by Thom Dunn on Monday, May 21 and Tuesday May 22 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Huntington Theatre Company Conference Room located at 281 Huntington Avenue.

Auditions are by appointment, so please sign up here! Once you’ve completed the form with your availability, we will send you an email with your audition time, date and sides.

True Believers will run July 12-21 at the Factory Theatre, so please make sure you are available before auditioning. If you have any questions, please email with “Audition” as the subject!

This is a great opportunity to get involved! While these auditions are specifically for roles in True Believers, we never forget a friendly face and often pull from the pool of actors who have auditioned for our productions while casting readings and special events! However, if you are not available for True Believers, do not fear – we will hold auditions for all future productions!

About the Play

True Believers tells the story of aspiring comic book artists, psychotic fanboys, cybernetically enhanced humans and girls who dress like Princess Leia as their lives intertwine during a week at a comic book convention. This is a new play by local playwright Thom Dunn and directed by VTG Artistic Director, James Peter Sotis.

Character Breakdown

Chad Mailer, Late 20’s/Early 30’s
“Comic book writer, creator of Night Shift. High aspirations; doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves. Seriously didn’t mean to make Wolverine gay.”

Chad, an eternal up-and-coming writer, he’s looking for a new big break (and maybe a friendly face). He’s a good guy, really. Energetic and just about out of rope, Chad is… well, Chad. A guy who’s really good at paving roads with good intentions.

Billy Horowitz, early 20s.
“Amateur comic book journalist (read: video blogger) and Cyborg Rights Activist (he has a pacemaker). Avid cosplayer.”

Billy has a chip on his shoulder, and is determined to let everyone know it. He is best friends with Calvin. In his own little world, he’s the Comic-Con equivalent of Robin Hood…who just happens to be bankrolled by his dad’s credit card.

Calvin Elder, early 20s.
“By day, a mild mannered aspiring comic book artist. By night, he dons the mantle of… Avenger! No, not “The” Avenger. Just “Avenger”. You haven’t heard of him? Calvin didn’t make him up. He’s an original creation. “

Calvin is the Yang to Billy’s Yin. An honest, humble kid who just wants to make comics…and maybe be a superhero. Much more Spiderman than Punisher.

Ted Thompson, 30s/40s.
“Comic book editor, currently at DC Comics. Worked on Night Shift with Chad. Recently divorced. She took his entire Star Wars collection in the settlement. Yes, that includes his Han Solo in Carbonite coffee table. Not that he’s bitter or anything.”

Successful, confident, and maybe a bit charming. Ted is a man who has his life together. There are no cracks. Those over there? Those aren’t cracks. Ignore those.

Chloe Long, 20.
“Small town girl from Kansas. Flying to the city for the first time in her life to finally meet her online boyfriend in person. She’s a little nervous.”

Chloe is a darling. She’s from 20 minutes outside of Lawrence, and seems to think that means anything to anyone farther than 20 minutes outside of Lawrence. She really digs the whole Comic-Con culture, albeit from the fringes.

Kt Watts, 20s/30s.
“Artist on Night Shift (as Katie Tulle). Also wrote the final issue (as Kt Watts). Recently sold the movie rights to her slice-of-life graphic novel “Robots Still Love You (Until Their Batteries Die)”. Her roller derby name is SnatchBox 20.”

Kt is a force to be reckoned with– a woman with (most of) her ducks in a row. Confident, sarcastic, cheeky, and sweet, Kt is the whole package. Above all? She’s very much aware this.

Box, any age.
“Comic writer and professional druid magic user (or at least that’s what he says). Actually knows how to pronounce “Cthulhu Ftagn”.”

Box is strange.

Ensemble, any ages, double/triple casting.
Fan #1, Fan #2, Security Guard, Booth Attendant, Novelty Seller.

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