Meet the Cast! A Short Interview with Rachel Katherine Alexander

Meet Rachel Katherine Alexander, recent Salem State graduate with three first names! True Believers is Rachel’s second VTG production (she played Lexi in our world premiere of Bea Wissel’s Burning the Barn in 2010) and she seems excited to be back… though when asked how she got involved with this production, she replies “As usual, James tricked me.”

What has been your favorite thing about rehearsal so far?
I really love having Thom at every rehearsal, freely giving his input.  Playwrights are often forgotten in the rehearsal process, so it’s great to see one working so closely with a director again; something I haven’t had since Burning the Barn.

What do you like most about your character?
“He’s a Liar!  A big, fat, stupid liar!” – Favorite line.  I like Chloe because she is totally cool with wearing a Slave Leia costume in public.  The chick obviously has balls, even if she has yet to grow into them.

What is the most nerdy thing about yourself?
I started college when I was 16 and graduated in 4 years Summa Cum Laude….

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Ooooh I can’t decide!  Either the ability to Breathe Underwater, Weather Manipulation, or Teleportation.

Who is your favorite superhero? Why?
I don’t know enough Superheroes to pick a favorite, but that’s okay because my favorite would probably be a villain anyway.

*  *  *

Rachel Katherine Alexander is a recent alumni of Salem State University.  She completed her BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Performance this spring and is now focusing on getting out of Salem. She was previously seen in Salem State’s Our Lady of 121st Street as Marcia, and before that performed as Lexi in Vagabond’s Burning the Barn and as Sybil Vane in Ghostlight Theatre Company’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. She would like to thank James and Thom for giving her this opportunity, and all of the members of Vagabond for their commitment to the company. Also, thanks to her family and friends for always supporting her efforts.


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