Meet the Cast! A Short Interview with Anne Colpitts

Meet Anne Colpitts, one of our two fantastic Ensemble members in True Believers! Anne defines her role as “Fan” and “Bar Patron” and “Person Onstage from Time to Time.” She says “My role is to create atmosphere without distracting from the primary action, which isn’t unlike my true existence.”

How did you get involved in theatre?
I was in a very well-reviewed nursery school puppet show about Goldilocks at the age of four (“’Five stars!’ says Anne’s Mom”). That was not only my first theatre memory, but one of my first ever memories. I’ve been going at it ever since, with various degrees of success and humiliation.

If theatre is not your full-time job, what do you do on the side? What do you enjoy about it and how does it connect to your life as an actor?
I work as an executive assistant for a venture capital firm in the Hancock Tower. I spend my days pretending to be efficient, organized, well-mannered, and productive. It’s basically acting at its finest.    

What is the most nerdy thing about yourself?
When I was twelve, I created a fan website dedicated to the 1992 classic film, “Newsies”  called “Suspenders ‘n Such.” I may or may not have written fan fiction. Don’t bother Googling it, I revealed it at an office party after a little too much wine, and had to delete it off the face of the interwebs to prevent further humiliation. 

What is your favorite thing about comic books or comic book movies?
Confession: I have never read a comic book. By the time you read this, they will already have kicked me out of the cast for that statement, but I believe in honesty at any cost. My favorite thing about comic book movies, however, is that they have given me the opportunity to go to a movie starring Christian Bale multiple times in the theatre without being considered a little creepy (because who DIDN’T see ‘Dark Knight’ more than once)? 

*  *  *

This marks Anne’s first time with VTG, and she wants to thank the group for including her in this experience. Recent other credits include “Floyd Collins” and “Lucky Stiff” with Moonbox Productions, “Absurd Person Singular” with the Footlight Club, and “Crimes of the Heart” with Divine Stageworks. Anne grew up in a museum, spent her formative years on a farm, and lives in a garage, but has never been on a houseboat (offers are accepted). Her favorite X-Man is Cyclops, which makes her appalling, by all accounts.


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