Meet the Cast! A Short Interview with Jim Remmes

Meet Jim Remmes, True Believers actor and attorney at law who would choose super speed if he could have any super power! Jim is playing Box (yes, that’s the character’s full name). Box is odd. Not in the manic “isn’t it cute I’m so weird” kind of way. More in the Charlie Sheen “everything he says should be on a t-shirt” kind of way.

How did you get involved in this production? What has been your favorite thing about rehearsal so far? 
I discovered Vagabond Theatre Group on James and Thom have been the best part of rehearsal so far – having both the playwright and the director present for all the rehearsals has opened up a really unique collaborative process. It’s really been a joy to be a part of this show.

What is the most nerdy thing about yourself? 
I love really random, complex board games and card games. Anything with thoroughly obtuse rules that takes an entire evening to play. I still watch pro wrestling – I go to Indy shows whenever they come into town. I know all the words to MC Hammer’s “Turtle Power.” I can go on.

What is your favorite thing about comic books or comic book movies? 
Comics can tell stories in a way no other medium can. The best comics – like The Sandman, Irredeemable, Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns hold up against any piece of literature.

Who is your favorite superhero? Why?
Green Lantern. I have a long, complex, Box-esque theory about how Green Lantern is really just an allegory for the creative process – but I’ll spare you the details. There’s just something indescribably awesome about an intergalactic space cop who fights crime with the power of creativity.

*  *  *

Jim has a degree in Theatre from the College of the Holy Cross and a Juris Doctor from Northeastern University. He is now an attorney.  Jim was previously seen as Gary/Roger is Noises Off, a Charlie Baker in “The Foreigner,” and will be appearing in Acting Out Theater Company’ production of “Almost Maine” in September.  Jim is also a member of the Providence, RI & Cambridge, MA based improv troupe “Bring Your Own Improv.” He wants to thank his family and friends for their love and support, James and Thom for the opportunity the wonderful cast and crew of  True Believers for making this an amazing experience.


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