Meet the Cast! A Short Interview with Caitlyn Conley

Meet Caitlyn Conley – you may have seen her recently in VTG’s TWBW reading of Meron Langsner’s Burning up the Dictionary. In True Believers, Caitlyn is playing Kt Watts: “Artist and writer for DC Comics. Her graphic novel Robots Still Love You Until Their Batteries Die just got picked up by a film studio. Her roller derby name is Snatchbox 20.”

How did you get involved in theatre? What is your first theatre memory?
I got involved in Theatre when my mom took me to see the touring production of Annie when I was 7. I fantasized about wanted to play Annie so much that I was notorious for singing “You’re Never Fully Dressed” at the top of my lungs every time I showered. Everyday I would bring my mom the newspaper to check the classifieds to see if they were looking for Annies. My first role ended up being Screaming NSYNC fan in an elementary school production where NSYNC was somehow involved. It still might be my best work.

If theatre is not your full-time job, what do you do on the side?
On the side I work as a theatre educator. I teach for local theaters and I also am an acting coach for kids with special needs. This has always been really fulfilling because it is not only giving back to a community that helped you grow as an actor but its training young adults for real life. An education in theatre helps more than just on stage. It allows you to build confidence both socially and individually. It also gives you a cool skill to pull out at parties.

What has been your favorite thing about rehearsal so far?
I would describe rehearsing with Vagabond as sitting in your college dorm with all of your most talented friends at 4am, drunk and deciding you want to put on a play about something awesome. The best and worst ideas coming out of you, but in the end you have something completely unique that you can be proud of.

What is your favorite thing about your character?
My favorite thing about KT is her talent. I love the moments we get to see her at work. My favorite scene is with her and Chad at the artists booth and she is explaining
decoupage to him, she is so cool in that scene that it makes me want to be as awesome
as she carries herself. I also love her relationship with Chad and how they relate to each
other. Shes fucking awesome and she knows it.

*  *  *

Caitlyn only slightly excited to be working with such a talented cast and crew. She holds a degree in Theatre from Westfield State University. Her recent credits include Wandaleria (Argos Productions), Huck Finn (New Rep on Tour), Twelfth Night (Summer Festival Theatre), The Effect of Gamma Rays (Happy Medium Theatre Co), Farragut North (Zeitgeist Stage), The Coast of Utopia (Westfield State University) and Scenes from Hurray for Hollywood (4th Grade Parent Night, Robin Hood Elementary School). Caitlyn is a three time nominee for the Irene Ryan Scholarship and placed in finals in 2008. She thanks her dad for letting her live with him and her dog, Marty Mcfly, for some wonderful adventures.


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