True Believers – Production Photos by Paul Cantillon, Lidec Photo

By now, we’ve released most of the official production photos for TrueBelievers (we’re withholding a few spoilers and the photo where Ryan Edlinger looks like “Dramatic Chipmunk” – oh, whoops – I just put it below).

Our fantastic photographer, Paul Cantillon, took over 2500 pictures over the course of two days (and yes, it took a few hours to sort through them all)!

Paul, who runs Lidec Photo (specialties in headshots, portraits and event photography) was born in the suburbs of Boston and now lives in Jamaica Plain. He graduated from Emerson College (where the most difficult course he took was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and has a degree in visual media arts (which, I think, is a fancy way of saying television). While he occasionally travels the country as a promotional tour manager, giving away free stuff, Paul looks forward to buying property in Jamaica Plain because apparently Boston is sinking faster than most cities and JP will eventually become beachfront property!

Paul is in Boston’s premiere Lady Gaga cover band, Alejandro and The Fame, with True Believers playwright Thom Dunn and for some reason unknown to man insists on keeping his mohawk despite his girlfriend’s repeated threats to shave it off in his sleep (full disclosure, I’m the girlfriend, and while he thinks that they’re threats, they’re actually promises. I’m going to do it. I swear).

Paul was once mistaken for a grocery store clerk by Sacha Baron Cohen because he apparently “Looked like [he] knew a lot about onions.”


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