MMORPGee, that was fun.

Hey, everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Artistic Director, here.

It’s been a few days since the closing of our biggest production yet, True Believers. The response to this show has been bigger and brighter than we could have hoped for. In our last week, we sold out our Wednesday show (a Wednesday?! A Wednesday.), our Friday show, and our closing night show on Saturday was standing-room-only. Judging by the reviews, the Facebook and Twitter feedback, and the amount of you that stayed to mingle with us after the show, you really dug our little shindig. So before anything else: Thank you. On behalf of all of us here at VTG, thank you.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re glad you all had fun, because we sure as hell had a blast. When you spend day after day with a spandex superhero, a real-life Slave Leia, and Steampunk Jesus himself, it would be hard not to.

A special shoutout goes forth to the lot of you that followed True Believers all the way from our There Will Be Words reading back in February. I’ve had some wonderful conversations with a bunch of you about the changes, tweaks, and challenges we had to overcome to bring such a unique script to life. It seems like only yesterday that we read the words “MMORPG” and “Cyborg Head of Stan Lee” to the crowds at Trident. When you all asked how that was going to happen, we said we’d cross that bridge when we came to it. As far as I’m concerned, now that it’s over: VTG 1, Bridge 0.

Your support and feedback along this journey has been invaluable.

True Believers Cast and Crew

I count myself lucky to not only have a fantastic audience, but also to work with the best cast and crew a guy could ask for. Almost 50 people worked on True Believers in some fashion over the last five months. From the TWBW Cast to the production crew, these are some of the most talented people I knew. I’m overjoyed to have found them. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Boston theatre scene—pick any name out of our program, and I can near-guarantee you that you will have a fantastic time working with any person therein. You won’t regret it.

(Side note: You know you’ve stumbled upon a singularly amazing collection of humans when you all gather between stifling hot matinees to watch Hook projected over the stage. Shouting “Bangarang Rufio!” at the screen with your cast is a great source of pre-show positive energy.)

A lot of hard work went into this production—by both cast and crew—and I think it shows. One review called True Believers “the best teched show [they’ve] ever seen at The Factory Theater.” That’s a humbling statement, and I can sure name great work done by other artists in the space. However, that bar is now set very high for us, and we’re going to try and clear it every time.

In the end, this entire experienced has just pumped me full of enthusiasm for the next one. Whether it’s a full TWBW to Production cycle, a one off performance, a reading, or another such event, we’re rearing to go. We promise it will be fun. And we hope you’ll join us—once again—for the ride.

Thanks for everything, Boston.



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