AUDITIONS! Calling All Actors

We announced our upcoming production of Meron Langsner’s Burning up the Dictionary at out last There Will Be Words reading, but we can’t put up this play without a cast! That’s why we’re holding AUDITIONS on Tuesday, October 9 and Wednesday, October 10.

Sign up by sharing your availability using this Google form and we will schedule you for an audition slot.

The show will run November 28 – December 1 in Rehearsal Hall A at the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Burning up the Dictionary, as described by playwright Meron Langsner, “feels like ‘When Harry Met Sally’ but possessed by the demonic spirit of Neil LaBute.” It journeys into the tenaciously crumbling relationship of two people who love and need each other but can’t find any room for trust. The play explores the personal language of every relationship and how a common language that once kept people extremely close can also wound and drive them further apart. VTG workshopped this play as part of its There Will Be Words series and are bringing it to full production in November.


Suzie-Fay: Female, Mid-late 20s. Smart, sexy, and sweet. Playful, but with an edge. Fun, free, independent. You’ll instantly fall in love with her. She knows this, and will use it. 

George: Male, Mid 20s-early 30s. Sarcastic, playful, and very comfortable in his own skin. You would think he was the Boy Next Door ™.  And you would be very wrong.

Auditions will take place at Zero Point Theater at 265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702, Boston, MA 02110. We hope to see you there!

If you cannot make either audition date, please email Production Manager Erica Magelky at to try to make a special appointment, subject to availability.


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