Meet the Crew: Cara Pacifico, Costume Designer

Meet Cara Pacifico, Costume Designer extraordinaire, who has the task of not only figuring out the chronological order of scenes in this play, but then gets to play with how the characters dress to reflect their changing attitudes about their relationship. Oh, and did I mention that all of the costume changes happen on stage?

How did you get involved in theatre? What is your first theatre memory?
In the preschool Christmas pageant I played the little donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem.  I spoke three lines of verse.  I’ve been an ass ever since.

If theatre is not your full-time job, what do you do on the side? What do you enjoy about it and how does it connect to your life in the theatre?
I work as the administrator for a brilliantly effective nonprofit called IMPACT Boston that teaches self-defense to people of all abilities and fitness levels.  I’m also training to be an instructor for them.  I quite literally both kick ass and take names!

What is the best story you have from a first date? (can be a terrible first date, or maybe the best one ever!)
At one point I worked at a Starbucks and dated online (I do neither of those things anymore!)  I met a guy for coffee and when he asked where we should go I replied “Anywhere but Starbucks, since I work there!”  His unexpected response was “Oh!  But that means you get a discount!”  So… we went to a Starbucks.  At that point I knew I was just in it for the story.  He turned about to be at least nine kinds of awful.

What one trait (physical or personality-wise) do you find most attractive?
Having nice hands… and keeping those attractive hands where I can see them until I tell you you can do otherwise!

* * *

Cara Pacifico is a costume designer, properties designer, and dramaturg.  Her premiere costuming work includes that of Matthew Vest’s opera The Hourglass with Juventas New Music Ensemble and Larry Bell’s Holy Ghosts at Berklee School of Music. She is an alumn of Tufts University and of the dramaturgy program at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. To see more of Cara’s work visit


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