Meet the Crew: Jennie Kilduff, Props Master/Mistress/Person…?

Meet Jennie Kilduff, Actress turned “Props Master/Mistress/Person…” (her words not mine!) who is ultimately in charge of finding us (among other things) a silk rope for Burning up the Dictionary (tickets on sale now!). Jennie has previously run Front of House for VTG and has been known to show up with AWESOME baked goods.

How did you get involved in theatre? What is your first theatre memory?
I have been actively involved in theatre since I was 9 years old, but if you ask my family, it was long before that. I used to listen to books on tape and memorize them and then recite them around the house, complete with different voices for each character. Once I got to high school, it became clear to me that there were a lot of things involved with putting up a show, so I started helping out building and painting the sets that I acted on. By the time I went to college for theatre (WHY did my parents let me do that?!), I did just about anything I could to be involved. I’ve run light boards, sound boards, worked as props crew, assistant stage managed, scenic painted, and also acted – basically, I would do just about anything to be around/with people who are making theatre, so I participate in any capacity available.

If you could go on a date with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
All of my friends, wrestling fans or not, know that my dream man is Colt Cabana. If you don’t know who he is, Google him! Watch him wrestle! Listen to his podcasts! Then come back and tell me you’re not in love with him, too. He’s super handsome, hilarious, very passionate about his work, and extremely charismatic. He seems like the kind of guy who you could be completely yourself around, and if I’ve learned anything about relationships in my life so far, I’ve learned that’s the kind of person I want to be dating. (I can dream, right?)

Do you think celebrating Valentine’s Day is corny?
It is sorta corny, but as a woman, I am not above receiving chocolate, roses, and/or special attention in mid-February…

What’s your favorite love (or anti-love) song? Why?
This one is hard – I love love and romance and love songs so much, but I find that once I associate them with a person or a relationship, they take on a more specific meaning. Sharing my favorites is like reading my journal, if that makes any sense. I think an overall great love song is “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan (I like the Adele version best, personally…) – that feeling of loving somebody so much that you would do anything for them is very powerful and that song captures it in such a simple but eloquent way.

What one trait (physical or personality-wise) do you find most attractive?
Personality-wise, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who is immensely passionate about something – a hobby, their job, their family – almost anything. There’s just a way that people look when they’re doing something or talking about something that really matters to them that shows their best self.

Physically, I’m currently super fascinated by guys with tattoos. So there’s also that.

* * *

Jennie Kilduff graduated from Salem State University with her B.F.A. in Theatre Performance in 2011. Past productions include In the Boom Boom Room (Ghostlight Theatre Company), RENT (Salem State University), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (UnCommon Theatre Company), and Escape from Happiness (Salem State University’s Student Theatre Ensemble), for which she received an Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nomination from the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. This is Jennie’s first official foray into the design side of a production and she could not be more pleased to be making her debut with such a talented, hardworking, and dedicated group of artists.


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