Meet the Crew: Eveleen Sung, Assistant Technical Director

How did you get involved in theatre? What is your first theatre memory?
A full-blown theatre summer camp. I think I was 12. We did the junior version of Schoolhouse Rock and learned about everything that went into putting on a production. I remember loving building the simple platform set we had, and I mouse-whispered/sang a duet at the beginning of “We, The People, Preamble.”

If theatre is not your full-time job, what do you do on the side? What do you enjoy about it and how does it connect to your life in the theatre?
I’m a web developer for the Interactive Design office at Boston University. I sit in front of a computer all day playing with websites. It’s awesome. I think the aspect I love most about theatre is being able to look behind a presentation in how it was put together. Building a website (among many other things, really) has the same kind of notion. Watching the puzzle pieces come together is infinitely more satisfying than just finding a completed one.

How did you get involved in this production? What has been your favorite thing about working on the play so far?
Josh. (Hi Josh! 🙂 ) I sort of stepped out of the theatre world after college, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting back into it. It’s been eerily familiar and so comfortable.

What is the best story you have from a first date?
Maybe not the best story, but a good story nonetheless. We went to see a play, and he fell dead asleep. To be honest though, it wasn’t the best show to choose for a date. But the experience was hilarious. And awkward afterwards.

If you could go on a date with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
Hmm, Lee Pace. I want to squish his face.

* * *

Eveleen has absolutely adored her first production with the Vagabond brethern group. She was actively involved with theatre groups throughout high school (International Thespian Troupe, #57) and college (BU Stage Troupe and BU on Broadway). She has participated in numerous productions onstage, offstage, and in the pit, but she finds technical theatre by far the most rewarding. Memorable past credits include: Galaxy Video, Set Designer; Man in the Flying Lawn Chair, Production Stage Manager; Betty’s Summer Vacation, Assistant Technical Director; Reefer Madness, Technical Advisor; The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Set Designer. She also loves swing dancing.


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