Announcing VTG’s Summer Production! Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension

“String theory: 10 dimensions. 9 spatial. 1 of time. Which is the fourth dimension. Supergravity: 11 dimensions. 10 spatial. 1 of time. Again the fourth dimension. One whole dimension. Some people think it’s arbitrary but…Time and Space.”

So begins Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension, a new play by Boston-based playwright Heather Houston. We here at VTG fell in love with the piece when it came across our desk during an open call for submissions, and our theatrical imaginations have been dancing with the possibilities ever since. Supergravity stuck right in there, holding on, making itself known, daring us to see it on stage. And now, after all that relentless pushing,  I am extraordinarily excited to announce to all of you that Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension will be Vagabond Theatre Group’s next full production, coming your way this July!

Supergravity is an extraordinary piece of work. Told primarily through the point of view of Tom, a theoretical physicist, the play explores the relationships of four close friends — Leslie, Dan, Fred, and Tom– the year after the tragic death of their friend Carmen strains their relationship to the point of fracture. Memories of Carmen haunt the group, and the laws of physics are bent as they work through their suspicions, grief, anger, and sadness together. As the truth comes to light, everyone must reconcile what happened with their own version of reality.

“Her journey will be quick, but you’ll never see her disappear in your lifetime.”

The physical, metaphysical, scientific, and emotional elements at play in Supergravity explode on stage as we run through the lives of these young people and around their universe. It’s exciting stuff, and we here at VTG can’t wait to get our hands dirty. This show–about space, time, love, hate, death, and life–will go up as our fifth original production(!), and we are ready-and-set to hit it headlong. Watch our blog, eblast, twitter, and facebook feeds for information about how you can get involved.

Theatre is awesome, guys. Let’s make some more.



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