Meet the Cast: Alyssa Purnhagen

Alyssa Purnhagen as LeslieMeet Alyssa Purnhagen, who plays Leslie in Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension. Her character is a novelist with a feisty attitude. She is tired, drinking and smoking too much to cope with a secret she’s held in for a year.

If you weren’t in theatre, what would be your dream job?
Working in the theatre full time would be my dream job. But, if that wasn’t an option, I would like to own a restaurant. I love good food and good beer. It’s something that everyone can relate to and enjoy together.

What has been your favorite thing about working on the play so far?
The people. From staff to my fellow cast mates. Everyone is very talented and full of energy. It’s a comfortable, fun place to be.

What is your favorite thing about your character?
Leslie isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Also not afraid to swear up a storm. LOVE her potty mouth.

Have you ever been fascinated by a certain aspect of science?
The fact that our universe is still expanding fascinates and terrifies me. Carmen’s line “…The swami said, ‘I’ve looked at the stars, and God is breathing out. … Come back to me when you find that God is breathing in.'” SCARY.


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