Meet the Director: James Peter Sotis

Believe it or not, James asked us to use this shot. :)

Believe it or not, James asked us to use this shot! 🙂

Meet James, the director of Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension! James is also Vagabond’s Artistic Director and he says that his life plan is “to win the lottery (MegaMillions or Powerball) and do this full time. Because that would be great.”

If theatre is not your full-time job, what do you do on the side?
I currently work for a small startup company called Google. Favorite previous jobs include Chef, Script Reader, and working at a beach (where I love to take long walks).

What has been your favorite thing about working on the play so far?
My cast and my crew are a retinue of saints. They’re insanely patient, talented and driven. When they’re not making my job absurdly easy, they’re pushing my creative boundaries to places I never would have gone. Every day is awesome theatre yoga.

What do you think is the most challenging thing about this show? Why are you looking forward to making it work?
Defining the spacial/physical/etherial/sonic/visual relationships between all of the various parts of the play. At times, Supergravity can be incredibly fluid, and it’s definitely a balancing act to make sure all of the radical transitions work well and move toward the feelings we’re trying to evoke and the experience we’re trying to create. It’s been a great, invigorating challenge.

Have you ever been fascinated by a certain aspect of science?
Astronomy has always fascinated me. Staring into a clear night sky and really thinking on how each of those little points has travelled light-years to reach us, and some of those stars simply do not exist anymore. The vast distances. Space travel and time dilation and the relative experiences of the stars and planets. It’s all endless and crazy.

Also, Dinosaurs. Always dinosaurs.

What totally confuses you about physics?
How I’m able to constantly trip over absolutely nothing on a completely flat walkway. I’m sure there are undiscovered gravity wells everywhere that my feet are really, really good at finding.

If someone were to read your fortune (a la Carmen in the play), what do you think it would say?
“Hmmm… I see that you will be alive and with all of your limbs for the foreseeable future” (at least I hope that’s what it says.)

Are you listening to any music to prepare for this show? 
Yes! My two go-tos for rehearsal prep are “Steady As She Goes” by the Raconteurs and “Your Bones” by Of Monsters and Men. One brings the energy, one brings the loss; one brings the melancholy and one brings the frustration. (And they’re both awesome).


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