New Play Submissions for our Spring Production!

I’m going to cut to the chase. We here at Vagabond Theatre Group are looking for a new show. And we’re opening submissions starting NOW!

This submission period will mark the first time that we here at VTG have opened submissions with a direct target toward production. While we generally have an open door policy for scripts, and (of course) our regular TWBW submissions, we’ve always come upon our productions in a very organic way. This time, we’re sounding the call loud and clear: We have a theatre space at our disposal in March 2014, and we want to work with you!

Submissions will close roughly one month from today (on Tuesday, October 29), so if you feel like you need some time for a quick polish, go ahead. If you’re ready and rearin’, shoot your PDFs, synopses, and bios to

The our upcoming production of Brian Tuttle’s August and Autumn will be the seventh show we’ve staged (and sixth new play!), and all of them have been an amazing adventure. They’ve been a grab bag of sizes, genres, and challenges, and we want to keep on keepin’ on. Surprise us with your stories! Confound us with your content! Send us your plays!

We’re unbelievably excited to get our hands messy with your work and all the playing, thinking, tweaking, writing, chancing, what-if-ing, and discovering that goes along with it.

We know there’s a lot of talent and a lot of captivating stories out there. Let’s bring them to life.


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