James Peter Sotis, Artistic Director

James Peter Sotis is the Founder and Artistic Director of Vagabond Theatre Group. He is a director, designer, and erstwhile actor originally hailing from Ipswich, Massachusetts. James has directed Vagabond’s IRNE nominated productions of Burning the Barn and Burning Up the Dictionary, as well as the Norton-nominated Breaking the Shakespeare Code and VTG’s The Unfortunate Cutthroats, True BelieversSupergravity and the Eleventh Dimension, and August and Autumn. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Film & Television, James started VTG out of a pathological need to tell stories. To this date, he is eternally grateful to anyone who will stop and listen.

He also seems to be a pretty nice guy. Hit him up here:  jpsotis@vagabondtheatregroup.com | jamessotis.com

“People of Boston: This is a director to watch.  He has great insight into the psychological and subtextual undercurrents and that drive characters on stage, as well as a solid grasp of spectacle and theatricality.  I repeatedly had the experience of hearing him describe what’s happening in a scene on a deeper level than I originally saw it myself and being able to go, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant.'”
Meron Langsner on working with James on a There Will Be Words
reading of his play, Burning up the Dictionary
“I…submitted [True Believers] to Vagabond Theatre Group, who hosted a reading and talkback of the play in February 2012 and later produced the world premiere. Vagabond Artistic Director James [Peter Sotis] was absolutely invaluable in helping me craft the story I was trying to tell. High five for James!”
Thom Dunn, on working with James on the TWBW
reading and full production of his play, True Believers
“James Peter Sotis deserves the highest praise of the evening… Sotis knows how to cast, develop and execute a show brilliantly…”
Brian Balduzzi, My Theatre, Boston on The Unfortunate Cutthroats
“Everyone appears to be having fun in this bloodthirsty production, which Vagabond Theatre founder-artistic director-director James Peter Sotis leads with fiendish delight.”
Sheila Barth, Theater Mirror and various Massachusetts
publications on The Unfortunate Cutthroats
“As a director he accomplishes to not only give us complexity to these characters, but doesn’t keep the audience outside. He wants us to be a part of everything on a much larger scale.  Its almost as though he has created a microcosm of sorts, and he executes everything fantastically. The Factory Theatre is a small space, and Sotis uses it every bit of it incredibly well.”
Christian Hegg, Muffin Eats Dragon: A Boston Theatre Review on True Believers