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Press Quotes:

“Vagabond Theatre Group has put so much effort, attention and above all, utter geek and nerdy love into this production. Yes, we get a taste of Comic Con, but we see that even in an environment that feeds off of fantasy, there is truth and faith under all those layers. “True Believers,” again, seems like not just a clever title, but rather something within, something we maintain as we latch onto something bigger. Even though we might lose faith in ourselves, we realize that we are more much more capable than we first thought. We just need someone to help us, or in this case, believe in the world of “superheroes, cyborgs and slave Leias” to help give us that extra push. Kudos to Vagabond for wonderfully bringing it all together, culminating in a great night of theatre. Check it out!”
Christian Hegg, Muffin Eats Dragon: A Boston Theatre Review 7/18/2012

“Go see this play. Their lights are clever, their sound is full of hilarious nerdy references, the script is clever, the characters are interesting, and the actors are brilliant. I could not recommend this show more… one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve had at the theater in a long while.”
Elizabeth Ramirez, My Entertainment World, 7/17/2012

“As heroes and villains clash, it’s not the fate of the cosmos that hangs in the balance, but rather the personal worlds of everyone involved. Comic books are wildly colorful exaggerations of life, a form of contemporary myth, and Dunn understands this. Dunn’s energetic script takes on the general form of a farce, albeit one in which aimless young men dress in crude cardboard approximations of cyborg armor. The play’s particulars may be specific to a certain social subset, but its themes and motivations are universal. The characterizations are well wrought and the jokes are smart, sometimes downright wicked sharp.
“Vagabond Theatre Group’s production does the play justice. James Peter Sotis directs; Lucas Garritty takes charge of the lighting, Sam Sewell handles the sound design, and Josh Friedensohn masters the challenges of the play’s technical direction (video clips are part and parcel of the production). There’s also a plethora of professional-grade art on display here. But the undisputed high point are the actors, who uniformly bring their A-Game.”
Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston on True Believers 7/15/2012

“People of Boston: [James Peter Sotis] is a director to watch.  He has great insight into the psychological and subtextual undercurrents and that drive characters on stage, as well as a solid grasp of spectacle and theatricality.  I repeatedly had the experience of hearing him describe what’s happening in a scene on a deeper level than I originally saw it myself and being able to go, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant.’”
Meron Langsner on working with James on a There Will Be Words reading of his play, Burning up the Dictionary, 6/4/2012

“Everyone appears to be having fun in this bloodthirsty production, which Vagabond Theatre founder-artistic director-director James Peter Sotis leads with fiendish de-light.”
Sheila Barths, Theater Mirror and various Massachusetts publications on The Unfortunate Cutthroats, 7/27/2011

“James Peter Sotis deserves the highest praise of the evening… Sotis knows how to cast, develop and execute a show brilliantly…”
Brian Balduzzi, My Theatre, Boston on The Unfortunate Cutthroats, 6/28/2011 

“Gazing fondly from the cluttered workstations of our lame-o twenty-first century, it ain’t difficult to see why the whole pirate lifestyle is appealing: lax dress code, fruit and booze-based diet and ample opportunities to use “booty” in a sentence. Train that rose-colored spyglass a wee bit closer, though, and those corsair cons come into focus. Like, dying. Slowly. Of infection, disease, starvation—all that stuff that happens when you’re thousands of miles away from a civilization that, oh yeah, wants to kill you. Such is the plight of the disenchanted buccaneers of the free-booter farce The Unfortunate Cutthroats, premiering at the BCA Black Box.”
– J. Pat for The Weekly Dig

“Drawing upon both the history and lore of 18th century pirates, in “Unfortunate Cutthroats,” [Zach Winston has] concocted a tale of questionable honor and loyalty, jealousy, rivalry, and the deprivation and depravity and despondence that can occur on long voyages.”
Lynn Heinemann for Theater Mirror, 7/13/2011

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