A Southern Victory

A Southern Victory – An Alternate History Trilogy12802922_10153916027024400_2943706020109385006_n

Part I: Borders and Nations
Part II: Entering the Whirlwind
Part III: The Day of Jubilee

by Kevin Mullins
Directed by James Peter Sotis

March 4th-26th, 2016 | Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

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Kevin Paquette, Rachel Katherine Alexander, Damon Singletary, Regine Vital, Noah Tobin, Mikey DiLoreto, Elise Roth, Cassandra Meyer, Conor Walsh, Jesse Tolbert, and Evan Grande

Costume Design: Cara Grace Pacifico
Lighting Designer: Connor Van Ness
Stage Management: Alex Aroyan

Sound Design, Properties, and Set Design: Vagabond Theatre Group

A Southern Victory: An Alternate History trilogy

Set in an alternative version of American History, where the south
wins the civil war, the three plays follow Thomas Williams, a young
confederate student as he attends Harvard in 1922. We follow Thomas as
he makes his way in a new country, and slowly gets sucked into the
terrorist underground of the abolitionist movement. In this world,
escaped slaves mix with flappers in northern speakeasies, Confederate
and German agents make an alliance to thwart The League of Nations,
and abolitionists sell bootlegged hooch to fund their underground war.

The fringe elements of the abolitionist movement have adopted the
tactic of suicide bombing. Young men from the north are going into the
south, blowing themselves up in debutante balls, on streetcars, and in
picture houses. Panic grips most confederate cities and some wonder if
a new war between the states is soon at hand. As Thomas questions
everything he has held dear, we watch as he becoming a traitor to his
country and a martyr to the cause of freedom.

About Playwright Kevin Mullins
Kevin Mullins is a playwright and theatre artist from Boston. His play
A Southern Victory was a finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National
Playwrights Conference, a semi-finalist for the WordBRIDGE Playwrights
Lab, and a finalist at PlayPenn. His plays have been presented or
developed with Slant of Light Theatre, Flat Earth Theatre, Vagabond
Theatre Group, Mill 6 Productions, Wax Wings Productions, Interim
Writers, Fresh INK Theatre, and The International Anarchist Theatre
Festival of Montreal. A devised piece he worked on, Blind Alley Guy,
premiered at the Incubator Arts Project in NYC in June of 2011. He has
participated in a Pataphysics workshop at The Flea and recently
completed an MFA in dramatic writing from Carnegie Mellon University.
He is a founding member of the playwright based theatre company,
Boston Public Works.