Burning up the Dictionary

Vagabond Theatre Group presented Local Playwright Meron Langsner’s new play, Burning up the Dictionary, in Rehearsal Hall A at the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts from November 28 to December 1, 2012. It has been nominated for an IRNE award for Best New Play (Small Theatre).

Burning up the Dictionary feels like “When Harry Met Sally” but possessed by the demonic spirit of Neil LaBute. It journeys into the tenaciously crumbling relationship of two people who love and need each other but can’t find any room for trust. The play explores the personal language of every relationship and how a common language that once kept people extremely close can also wound and drive them further apart.

Tim Hoover – George                                              Cassandra Meyer – Suzie-Fay                         

Musician Santiago Cardenas during a brainstorm for Burning up the Dictionary

Production Team:
Meron Langsner – Playwright
James Peter Sotis – Director
Zach Winston – Assistant Director
Angel Veza – Fight Director, Movement Specialist
Josh Friedensohn – Technical Director, Scenic Design
Eveleen Sung – Assistant Technical Director
Cara Pacifico – Costume Designer
Lucas Garrity – Lighting Designer
Sam Sewell – Sound Design
Santiago Cardenas – Composer, Musician
Jennie Kilduff – Props Master
Erica Magelky – Stage Manager
Tyler Brewer – Assistant Stage Manager

Caitlyn Conley as Suzie-Fay in the There Will Be Words Burning up the Dictionary reading on May 17, 2012

Our Indiegogo Campaign has closed and we reached our $750 goal! We would like to thank our donors: 
Elizabeth M Derochea
Thom Dunn
Howard Friedensohn
Christian Hegg
John King
Allison McDonough
Walt McGough
Ron Pullins
Jim Remmes

VTG first workshopped this piece in May of 2012 as part of its There Will Be Words reading series at Trident Booksellers & Cafe. We have a recap of the event on our blog and photos on Facebook from the reading.

Vagabond Theatre Group Artistic Director James Peter Sotis also directed a reading of the play at Interim Writers on August 31, 2012 in which a pared-down version of the play was presented.

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