Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension

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Supergravity and the Eleventh Dimension
by Heather Houston
Directed by James Peter Sotis

July 11 – 20
The Factory Theatre
791 Tremont St, Boston

Kevin Paquette as Tom
Noah Tobin as Fred
Rachel Katherine Alexander as Carmen
Alyssa Purnhagen as Leslie
Devon Scalisi as Dan

Fight Direction: Meron Langsner and Angel Veza
Producer: Steve Marois
Technical Direction and Scenic Design: Josh Friedensohn
Assistant Technical Direction: Marissa Cheifetz
Assistant Scenic Design: Eveleen Sung
Costume Design: Cara Pacifico
Lighting Design, Master Electrician, Board Operator: Lucas Garrity
Sound Design: Sam Sewell
Properties Design: Jamie Bincardi
Makeup Design: Katy Meyer
Stage Management: Zach Winston

* * *

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, what happens to our energy after we die? Where are those that are no longer with us?

One year after Carmen tumbles from a cliff, four friends return to her cabin one final time. Seen through the eyes of a theoretical physicist, the story of suspicion, grief, love, and life, bounces back and forth through time slowly revealing the truth about Carmen’s tragic last days.

Production photos are on our Facebook page!

* * *

Thank you to those who have already contributed to our Indiegogo Campaign! Without you, this would not be possible: 
Liz Adams; Cherrie Alexander; John Andrews; Jillian Barry; Patricia Buchanan; John Cranney; Lauren Elias; Christopher Gaffney; Martin Goldrick; Amber Hall; Christian Hegg; Ken Inglis; Michael Jaros; Jenna Lazar; Adam Lebowitz-Lockard; David Miller; Diane McDonough; Walt McGough; Rita Nelson; Melissa Pritchard; Nancy Purnhagen; Vicki Schairer; Jack Serio; Eveleen Sung; Cynthia Winston; and Mark, Joel and Daniel Zamzow.

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