We don’t have any auditions planned for the moment, but check back here in the future for more information!

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2 thoughts on “Actors

  1. Hi there, I was just curious how often this site gets updated, or how often I should check for info on auditioning for your next show. A friend of mine was in supergravity and has expressed to me that your group is a great group to work with.
    For the last few years I’ve been doing shows in the Salem Beverly area, but have been looking for a more local group. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks allot,
    Michael Campo

    • Hi Michael,

      This website gets updated fairly often – for the most recent news, I would recommend following our blog (on this website – you will see the tab above) and subscribing to our emails at You can also like us on facebook ( and follow us on twitter (

      We actually are auditioning for our upcoming production, so I will email you with more detailed information and connect you to those who are in charge of auditions!


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