Vagabond Theatre Group is proud to announce auditions for A Southern Victory, a new trilogy by playwright Kevin Mullins. VTG will be presenting all three parts at Boston Playwrights Theater from March 4th-26th.

Auditions will take place at Unity Somerville (6 William Street, Somerville) on September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, starting at 7:00PM each day. The audition will consist of cold readings from the script. Monologues are encouraged, but not required.

Rehearsals will take place five nights a week with staggered calls based on availability. Please note that all actors must be available for a table-reading on October 11th if cast. All artists will receive a stipend.

If you’re interested in booking an audition, please e-mail a headshot and resume to with your preferred date and time. Questions and other inquiries can be sent to the same address.


In 1865, The Confederacy won The American Civil War.

Our year is 1922. Slavery thrives in the South while prohibition occupies the North. Crime and corruption run rampant. Acts of extreme violence are commonplace. World War I has just ended.

The Americas are divided into three factions– Southern plantation owners who fight to keep their slave labor, Abolitionist Northeners who oppose slavery with non-violent resistance… and John Brown’s Army. Also known as the JBA, this rebellious legion maintains a veiled existence, their hands in pockets everywhere from smoky nightclubs to the highest social order. Their use of violent resistance against slavery has both wealthy Southerners and quiet Abolitionists shaken to the point of paranoia.

In the fall of ‘22, a young man named Thomas Williams leaves his privileged existence in Atlanta, crossing the border to attend Harvard University in Cambridge. After witnessing a heinous act of terrorism, Thomas finds himself torn between two new realities: supporting his family’s birthright, or joining the resistance. His dilemma leads to a riveting tale of growth, variance, and the difference one person can make if they choose to act on their convictions..

A Southern Victory is divided into three separate plays- Part One: Borders and Nations, Part Two: Entering the Whirlwind, and Part Three: The Day of Jubilee. Vagabond Theatre Group has been working extensively with playwright Kevin Mullins over the past year to present all three parts simultaneously at Boston Playwrights Theater this March.


Thomas Williams (M, 20s)- Youngest son of a wealthy planting family in Atlanta. White Southerner.
Lukas Williams (M, 30s)- Thomas’ brother. White Southerner. (Actor also plays Confederate Soldier)
Diana Williams (F, 20s)- Lukas’ wife. White Southerner. (Actor also plays Hans Schleyer and Arnold Rothstein)
James (M, Mid 20s)- Slave. African American Southerner. (Actor also plays Mr. Finch)
Valerie Patton (F, Mid 20s)- Confederate Flapper. White Southerner.
Gabriel Proctor (M, 20s)- Harvard student. Abolitionist. African American Northerner. (Actor also plays US Soldier)
Jazz Lady (F, 30s)- Jazz singer. Abolitionist. African American Northerner. (Actor also plays Harriet Proctor)
Artemis Bellows (M, 20s)- Son of the Confederate ambassador to England. White Southerner. (Actor also plays Waiter and Texas Ranger)
Conductor (M, 30s)- Works for the Underground Railroad. (Actor also plays Charlie Davenport)
Margret “Peggy” Mitchel (F, 20s)- Daughter to an Atlanta planting family. White Southerner.
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